Zach Steinke
Founder & CEO: Zach is the founder of Rapture Game Studios. Zach spends his time managing projects, recruiting new members, and organizing development meetings.
Josh Hovarter
VP of Operations: Josh is the Production Manager for Rapture Game Studios, LLC. His job consists of developing design documents, working with the web site team and assisting with finances.
Steven Mittlestedt
Pipeline Manager: Steven is the Lead Developer for the Rapture Team, his duties consist of environmental development, character development and many other jobs for the game design process.
Keith Winget
Mobile Team Lead: Keith is the Mobile Team Lead. His main priorities are to lead a team to develop the next games that will be on the mobile platforms.
John Langley
Lead Programmer: John is the Lead Programmer for Rapture Game Studios. His job is to utilize his skills to make the gameplay work efficiently.
Shaun Miller
Lead Writer and Conceptual Artist: Shaun's work consists of him creating the stories that will immerse the player into the games. He also works on all game art and concept straight from his story implementation.
Dan Wagoner
Composer and Sound FX: Dan is the music guru of RGS. He writes all the music and creates sound fx for the games.
Eric Miracle
Assistant Writer: Eric is the assistant writer and a conceptual artist of RGS.
Derek Wireman
CFO: Derek's job at RGS is to make sure all finances are taken care of for the company.
Jake Patton
Animator/Technical Director His job is to build character rigs and make them move.
Christian Abston
3D Artist: Christian's job is to build level assets and 3D models for games that we develop.
Debbie Ngo
2D Artist: Debbie is the 2D Artist of RGS, she works on concept art and visually expresses the game concept.
Mike Ekins
Character Artist and Animator: He focuses on 3D modeling characters and assets.